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How Nature 1st was formed...

Nature 1st came about through my own personal journey. I have suffered from epilepsy all my life, which has been very destructive, being completely paralysed by my seizures on a regular basis.

By the age of 35 I had still not found anything to help me, even having gone back and forth to doctors and endured many treatments, and prescribed multiple medictions, all of which had done nothing for me but left me feeling more hopeless.

Unfortunately my life took a turn for the worse and through extreme stress my seizures became more intense and more frequent. They were debilitating my ability to live a normal life; I felt as though I couldn't work, and feared even leaving my house. I felt trapped and extremely depressed.

Then a friend of mine suggested for me to try CBD oil, which I had never even heard of before, but I thought what have I got to lose!?A few days later, I began to have a seizure and I reached for the CBD.. After only a matter of minutes, the CBD had completely calmed me down and stopped my seizure dead in its tracks! I ended up trying a multitude of different CBD brands that were internationally well-known. To my surprise, they all were low in quality, horrible tasting, and completely ineffective!

I genuinely believe that health is your internal wealth, and something you can not put a price on. If you are healthy internally, you are wealthy externally, the two go hand in hand. I knew I could provide better quality CBD products to customers than any other company on the market. From that day onwards, I decided to make it my mission to help other people and spread the amazing health and wellness benefits of CBD.

I founded Nature 1st in late 2018 driven purely by my passion and personal experiences. Unlike most other CBD companies, Nature 1st is independently owned and operated, as nothing gives me greater joy than being able to help at least one person overcome their pain and struggle.You may ask yourself what makes Nature 1st different from every other CBD company.. the difference is that I personally gaurantee to provide direct advice and knowledge to all customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I source, sell, and internationally ship a wide variety of the best priced and highest quality CBD-infused products available on the market, including: supplemental oils, isolate powder, gummies, skin care, beard oil, bath bombs, coffees, teas, and  CBD vape E-liquid and SO much more!

Unfortunately, I've had to face ongoing obstacles being an independently owned and self-driven company. Being restricted from advertising and operating Nature 1st on almost all social media and financial online platforms, and not being known as an international brand to start with; along side having to compete with established CBD corporations, especially the "Big Cannabis" monopolies, that can easily afford to influence and therefore dominate the marketplace.

Nature 1st CBD is proud to have been independently quality assured and approved by the Cannabinoid Trust. My genuine goal is to bring Nature 1st to everyone’s life and show them the benefits of CBD and to enrich their wellbeing and health the same way it has for mine.

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