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CBD Vape Oil "Ma'at"
Our “Ma’at” Strain

CBD Vape Online is your connection for finding CBD Vape Juice from 4 Corners Cannabis. Here at 4 Corners Cannabis, we make our CBD Vape from only the finest CBD genetics. We do not use the “Gold” (5X CBD Quality) that is often bought from China and repackaged into CBD Vape Oil.

We grow our own plants that have been bred for CBD consumption. While almost all other CBD Vape E-Juice is made from standard industrial hemp (that has been bred for fiber and seed production), our plants have been bred for CBD and terpene production. Our clone only “Ma’at” strain (100X CBD Quality) runs 16-17% CBD and smells of pine and musky watermelon.

We extract from the trichomes of the flowers from our “Ma’at” strain using food grade ethanol. This type of extraction results in a FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) that extracts both the polar and non-polar plant compounds that are of benefit. We winterize our CBD Oil to remove any lipids that may cause health problems (lipid pneumonia) when Vaping CBD. Our CBD oil is then decarboxylated slowly over a span of 90 minutes to ensure minimum loss of terpenes. This oil is then mixed into a custom blend carrier for maximum vaping satisfaction.

CBD Vape OilWe do not believe it to be an ethical practice to create CBD Vape from hemp plants that induce headaches when smoking in the raw form. In the next few years, these products will be phased out as the consumers become better educated. We are not sure if it is out of greed or ignorance yet, but Colorado companies are even growing 5X CBD and labeling it as top quality CBD oil from CBD rich cannabis now. Studies have shown 100X CBD to be 20 times more effective than 5X CBD.

Don’t waste your time researching the 100’s of companies that use the exact same 5X CBD Gold Oil when you can order the 100X CBD Vape from 4 Corners Cannabis today. Please visit our homepage for more information.

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